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The Gaming Community

At my school in High School, we have a pretty large gaming community, of which I am included.

Many of my friends are also part of it, even though the term gaming might only vaguely apply to them.

Then within the gaming community, we have the small gaming groups, which for me entitles gaming with my close gamer friends. That is one community that takes up a major part of my life with my friends, and I will talk about how it is, but first I must talk about the evolution of gaming.

*I’ll skip all the early fails at making games and start at Arcade Games.

The first versions of arcade games came out in the early 1970’s, starting with Computer Space in 1971, but only making it big with (now dead RIP) Game Company Atari’s Pong game in 1972.

After Atari’s success, Game Company Taito quickly followed suite with 3 new video games in the next 2 years that occupied the market.

Soon after we see companies SegaAtariExidyMidway, and Cinematronics each releasing games such as Breakout and Moto-Cross with each revolutionizing the gaming experience!

*Cinematronics was first to release a space survival based video game, Space Wars, before legendary blockbuster Space Invaders was released a year later by Taito.

Soon after we see a major rise in popularity in arcade games with arcades making billions of dollars each year before the release of the predecessors to modern home-gaming consoles, namely the NES and the Sega Master System as well as the Atari 7800. Following the decline of arcade gaming comes a wave of evolution of design and quality of home consoles, up until now with the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One as the forerunners.

*Sorry for the huge time jump

Then competing alongside home consoles and probably their biggest rival is the PC gaming industry. Namely gaming computers supporting MMORPGs and regular RPGs, as well as some console games as seen with Microsoft’s inclusion of the Xbox store for PC starting with Windows 8.–.png

*WoW or World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG game of the time and has been for over a decade!

Thus surrounded by all this, the gaming community is very versatile, having many genres, types and times.

For me, my gaming community lies mainly in the current decade (2010s) and so the games of that time are our main subjects and playing interests. With my friends, I helped build an entourage of gamers, since before ‘us’ there was no solid gaming community in our grade. And we started it in 3 years ago.

So overall, we became best of friends and the community is tightly held together (with some loose ends *Zoums*).

We have a lot of fun talking about gaming and we always find common ground with which to relate to each other.

Thus being in the gaming community for me is like being in a lab for example. Everyone does their own stuff, usually involving others and we help each other out and share information about new and/or fun games.

You know what? The Gaming Community is just awesome, that’s it…






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  1. G’day Seb,
    Love the image of the hands! What is W/S ? Don’t worry I just worked it out – fingers for left/right/up /down.

    I can remember playing pong on the Atari and Space Invaders. This is showing my age now.

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  4. Radchapak

    I like your post. It is easy to understand.

  5. Fauzan

    Hi Seb,

    This post was really interesting. I am also a gamer. I like the way you explain the history about games/arcade games. If you want, you can visit my blog at


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