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Seb’s Game Activity #2 Experience

For this week’s SBC’s activity, I chose to do the Game 2 choice, as seen in the title.

I chose comments that I felt interested in as soon as they  came up, so it was all based on interest and nothing more.

  1. The first blog I commented on was Loic’s ‘The Orange Grinch.’ Loic and I have an ongoing joke of calling Donald Trump as such since about 3 months and so it was funny to see that term as his blog post title. Essentially, the blog post itself consisted of reasons as to why Loic was in disbelief towards the result of the election. He said that Donald Trump might create laws that will benefit his money and that he is also a racist and criminal person. Loic says that Sanders would’ve been a better president. He also added all his sources, which I think was very awesome of him. I then commented on his blog post saying that I agree that Trump was not the best candidate, or even worse than average. I then said that a female president would be nice but that maybe Hillary was not the best candidate either. I moved after that to say that since Bernie supported socialism, Loic had more reason to support him since Loic is against capitalism.
  2. The second blog I visited was Axel’s blog about Fairy Tail, an anime and manga. Being the manga/anime expert that I am, I read the text with great concentration and as much background knowledge as possible, even though almost none of it was necessary. Axel simply talked about his great love for Fairy Tail and about the main characters: Erza, Gray, Lucy, and of course Natsu Dragneel. I then commented that he forgot Happy!! Natsu’s best friend and all-time blue flying companion. I also added my own ranking for manga and anime, with of course One Piece as #1–only for the manga. Here is a picture of Happy and Natsu:
  3. The third and final blog I visited was Kaan’s blog about Video Games. He was talking about how Video Games greatly affect our lives and how they can sometimes be too addictive and that we should step away for a while. He reiterated after that people who play those games should always make sure to spend some time doing other healthier activites. I then commented that it was cool to see Kaan take two different approaches towards video games, especially since he loves them so much. Then I added some friendly notes and that wraps up my third comment.

Overall, it was a fun activity that I thought was very interesting, especially seeing what people have to talk about and show off what they want to show off. It is certainly an activity that should be continued and, yeah, that about sums it up.


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