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Where I’d like to go for a month…

So for this week, students had the choice to write about whatever they wanted. I chose to write about my favorite place to be for a month that I haven’t been too yet. I will choose where, when, what, and write about why. First of all:

  1. Where? Probably the place where I would want to go to the most right now would be Japan. I love  Japan!! I would go to Tokyo and then to the countryside and all over the country to Hokkaido and Kyoto Prefecture, and to Himeji Castle, etc…
  1. When? I would choose to do it in the summer of 2020 for one very special reason! Click here.
  2. What?  I would visit and learn more about Japan’s history and its culture, I would try out some martial arts, I would watch Olympic Events in the stadiums, and I would do so much more!
AKISAME JIU JITSU×856/akisame-chistorys-strongest-disciple-kenichi-212684.8.html
  1. Why? I want to go there because I really am fascinated by Japan. I am a HUGE fan of manga and anime! I’ve written research papers about the country’s history. I love video games and I love Nintendo and I love Tokyo. I love big cities and flashing lights as well as impressive castles and great food! For these reasons, I want to go to Japan.


Some links about visiting Japan:

Now tell me: Where would you like to go for a month?


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  1. Marianne Ella

    Where would I go for a month?… I would defiantly go back to Japan! I’ve been to Japan 3 times every summer break for a month and everyday was always amazing. Like you, I LOVE JAPAN! I find their culture so interesting that it makes me want to learn more. Though the only places I’ve been to was Disney Land,Yokohama , Tokyo,etc. From reading your post I realized we had some things in common, we love Japan, we like learning about their culture, and we HUGE fan of manga and anime! I usually play games about anime on my PS vita. 😄I’m so glad I found a blog which really gets me excited hope you visit mine as well at

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